Final Blog Post

I have learned a lot throughout this course, I really enjoyed it! It has helped me view gender roles and how our society places gender stereotypes on things. I catch myself especially in stores now looking at different products to see how they are advertised to a certain gender. I have been reading more news articles online about STEM careers and women. I do no think I will continue to use my blog after the end of the term. I will be keep suing screenshots, PDF files and spreadsheets to communicate online especially the PDF files because I know the other viewer will be receiving the same formatting I see on my computer.

9.6 Recap

I think Hasbro has done a much better job recently with advertising the Easy-Bake Oven for both boys and girls. I think Hasbro should continue with the new advertising and keep making gender-neutral ovens to both boys and girls can play with them and feel comfortable doing so. I think society has a whole has done a lot of petitions and speaking out about gender specific toys so I think the Easy-Bake Oven will continue to cater to both genders.

For the Financial Analysis project, a couple of my current dreams include buying my first house, and traveling to Greece for a two weeks.