Final Blog Post

I have learned a lot throughout this course, I really enjoyed it! It has helped me view gender roles and how our society places gender stereotypes on things. I catch myself especially in stores now looking at different products to see how they are advertised to a certain gender. I have been reading more news articles online about STEM careers and women. I do no think I will continue to use my blog after the end of the term. I will be keep suing screenshots, PDF files and spreadsheets to communicate online especially the PDF files because I know the other viewer will be receiving the same formatting I see on my computer.

9.6 Recap

I think Hasbro has done a much better job recently with advertising the Easy-Bake Oven for both boys and girls. I think Hasbro should continue with the new advertising and keep making gender-neutral ovens to both boys and girls can play with them and feel comfortable doing so. I think society has a whole has done a lot of petitions and speaking out about gender specific toys so I think the Easy-Bake Oven will continue to cater to both genders.

For the Financial Analysis project, a couple of my current dreams include buying my first house, and traveling to Greece for a two weeks.

6.6 Image Recap

Uploading the images on to my blog was pretty simple when you follow the instructions. However I was having difficulties on understanding why the title section was not showing up underneath the image on my blog page. I had to put the copyright-author- and year in the “caption” section for it to be visible. I am thinking it was not showing up because the certain theme I chose to use for my blog.

I played with Legos a lot when I was a child. I grew up with my older brother so I was always helping him build the lego kits. Now for my work (I am a nanny) I often play and build things for the children I work with. Great childhood memories!

Declare Topic for Culture Research Project

Hedy Lamarr was from Austria and was raised by her Jewish parents. Around the 1940s the Nazis were beginning to approach Austria so she decided to flee to Hollywood, California. She began her career in film, but she was mot interested in engineering and technology. She was also known for her many inventions but her most popular one was “frequency hopping.” Which was a transmitter and the receiver being able to simultaneously jump from one frequency to another without allowing anyone else to jam the signal. Her invention was brought to the Navy to help combat the Nazis in World War II, but was pushed away and was told to raise money for the war by putting her face on things instead of making inventions.

For years she never got credit for what she invited even though she had a patent for it. After the patent expired it become more well know. Frequency hopping is still used today with wireless phones, WIFI, fax machines, GPS, and military communication systems. After 50 years she finally got acknowledged by receiving the Electronic Frontier Foundation Pioneer Award but she will always be remembered by her beauty and not her inventions, which is sad. She died at the of 86 in January 2000.

The most useful research sources were Huffington Post’s Women in Tech, and the Gale Virtual Reference Library.

Extra Credit Widget

To get the news feed into my blog I went to google news app and followed the instructions on how how to add new headlines and what sources I wanted the news to come from. I clicked on the RSS link that was on the bottom of the page and then a box popped up saying the news feed will be shared through my accounts and then I proceeded to copy the URL. At this point I was not sure if I was doing it correctly. I went to my blog and edited the widget and inserted the link I copied and hit save and it worked! But my widgets go on the left of my blog because of the theme I had chosen I hope that is alright.

I think having the news feed will be very helpful! It will be easy to access new articles that are posted about gender equality without me having to go out of my way to look up articles from many different websites. From glancing at a few articles one headline caught my eye which was talking about how corporate gender equality is slacking, which does not surprise me from what I have been researching for this weeks discussion about women education.