Hello everyone!

This is a new blog I’m creating to serve as a central place for information about Oregon’s people, places, and society. I’m the Social Demographer for Oregon State University Extension Service, and every once in awhile I come across some interesting tidbits of information about people across the state, demographic issues in particular parts of the state, and general social trends. I thought it would be nice to have a way to share that with lots of people at one time! So a blog it is (for now, at least)!

I’ve never blogged before (And I’m under 35? Gasp!), so I hope everyone can be a bit forgiving at the beginning here!

I’ll post information about interesting trends I’m seeing or issues that I get the time to explore as part of my job.

My hope is that people who follow this blog will learn more about what’s really going on among people in Oregon. There may be some myth-busting or some hunch-solidifying that results from following my blog, and I’m pretty sure that for some issues there may even be some opportunities for healthy debate that arise!

Now let’s get crunching! Number-crunching, that is!

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