We don’t always know what to do with data when we see it. And sometimes there’s nothing we can do with it, except tuck it away for a rainy day.

What if we could strive to use data to inform decisions we make about programs, policies, and day to day actions? What would that world look like, and how would we use the data? Would we use other types of information to inform our decisions?

Here’s a model I found from the organization, StriveTogether . I’ve tweaked it a bit to make sure we’re aware that the decisions we can make using data are affected by outside forces; and I tweaked it to draw attention to the juiciest opportunity for a data-driven decision…



  1. What do you think about this model?
  2. What would it take for you to have the convergence opportunity available as often as you need it?
  3. What types of decisions do you face that you wish you had data, research, and community voice about?
  4. When have you used data, research, and community voice to inform a decision?
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