Small Farm Business School

Small Farm Business School took place on November 10th, 2021 with three webinars focused on business topics for small-scale farmers.

Class Details

What you need to know about taxes when starting a farm business
Speaker: Winona Dorris, CFO 4 NONPROFITS
Winona Dorris, Principal for CFO 4 Nonprofits, has been in the industry for 30+ years. As
a hands-on executive and subject matter expert, Winona can seamlessly move between the detail and communicating the results to the Board of Directors. She holds a Bachelor’s in accounting, an MBA, a Graduate Masters Certificate in Taxation, and is a certified tax preparer.
Writing a farm business plan
Speaker: Rowan Steele, East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District
Rowan Steele came to East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District (EMSWCD) in 2012 with a background in community food planning, stewardship, and small-scale agriculture. He works directly with incubator farmers, program partners, and the surrounding community to leverage the resources at Headwaters Farm for EMSWCD’s constituents and support the development of beginning farms.
Deep dive into farmland leasing
Speaker: Greg Malinowski, Malinowski Farms
Greg Malinowski and his family have been farming the same land since the 1940’s. They are an organic based farm, raising organically raised and processed beef and chickens. We also have fruit trees and lease land for emerging farmers to begin their farms.

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