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June 15, 2019: Graduation day for Amber! Celebrating the accomplishments of the latest Ph.D to come out of the Simonich lab.  Great job Amber!

March 2019: Staci’s work as the Associate VP for Research Operations and Integrity was highlighted in OSU’s The Daily Barometer.

September 20, 2017: An article on Wired on the Impossible Burger included a statement from Staci.

June 17, 2017: Graduation day for Anna, Lisandra, and Ivan! Celebrating the accomplishments of the latest Ph.Ds and Master’s to come out of the Simonich lab.  Great job Anna, Lisandra, and Ivan!

March 2017: Staci was interviewed for PRI’s Living on Earth for her work on PAHs.

February 2, 2017: A publication on PNAS co-authored by Staci regarding PAHs and their greater risk of cancer was highlighted in an article.

January 2017: Staci wrote an op-ed on the incoming administrations possible repercussions on environmental research.

August 1, 2016: Staci provided expert opinion on an article published in Reuters regarding the air quality during the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

July 2016: National Institute of Health names ‘Sealcoat Paper (April 2016)’, work done by Ivan Titaley et al., as one of its Paper of the Month.

June 11, 2016:  Graduation day for Leah! Celebrating the accomplishments of the latest Ph.D. to come out of the Simonich lab.  Great job Leah!

May 23, 2016: Work performed by Leah, Jill, and Staci, as part of a collaboration with University of California-Davis and the National Park Service to identify persistent pesticide movement in the environment was highlighted recently.

May 6, 2016:  Postdoc Cleo is off for a month long cruise of the North Atlantic to monitor the cycling of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) by plankton in a project funded by NASA. While we will miss her presence in the lab, we can’t wait to follow her progress.  Happy sailing Cleo, see you in June!

April 27, 2016:  Research performed by Ivan Titaley et al., recently making headlines. This work earned Ivan the 2016 ACS  Graduate Student Paper Award by the ACS Division of Environmental Chemistry.

January 23, 2016: Staci was interviewed for an article on NPR regarding the safety of eating snow.

July 20, 2015: Work by Scott Lafontaine et al. was highlighted in an article on Popular Science.

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