Part1.A Post Config Follow up:

We applied the sNTP change last night and none of the switches will pull time. After a quick searching on the internet we found this: 2910al-48G-can-not-get-time-from-W2K3-NTP-server

From this thread we learn that the firmware (W.14.38) we are running has a bug talking to the management host which also serves as the ntp server. So while the sNTP config we have now is good, the firmware is not. On this coming Saturday maintenance when we install the new firmware we will hopefully fix sNTP and get good timestamps on logs!

Spanning tree configuration went as expected and we saw the changes take place as we made them. We have not had a recurrence of spanning tree flapping, but we have had several instances where we would go a day or two with out an event. So we are still in a wait and see game.

Part1.B Pre-firmware questions to HP Support:

I sent the following response in on our open ticket with HP:

HP Support recommended firmware version W.15.10.0010 (and gave us a copy)
I see the current HP stable version is W.15.08.0012
And there is a early release version of W.15.12.0006
(see 2910al firmware download) Is there a particular reason support sent us a version in the middle of these two? Which would be the best version to load on the switches?

HP support then replied back with the response:


This email is regarding the case 4************, for the 2910al also the version W.15.10.0010 is stable but havent been posted on the website, and earliest availability version W.15.12.0006 you are right seems to be a new one but I dont see it under the list of 2910al software release versions that’s why suggest to use the W.15.10.0010

If HP support is going to recommend this, considers it stable, and will provide support to us running it then that is what we will do. We just want to be running in a current supported configuration. So we will apply W.15.10.0010 during this Saturday’s maintenance window as planned.

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