We will be migrating our existing VM hosts to a new vCenter server from 10am-10pm Saturday February 7th.  This will not impact running VMs nor your ability to RDP or SSH into the VM.

During the maintenance both the current and new vCenters will be active in the event you need to manage a VM (console, power on/off, etc).  However, you will need to check both as the VM may have moved.  The URLs for the vCenters during the maintenance are listed below.  At the conclusion of the maintenance the active URL of the new vCenter will be the same as the current vCenter.

Current vcenter: https://vcenter.sig.oregonstate.edu
Temporary new vcenter: https://vcenter2.sig.oregonstate.edu


Start: 2/7/2015 10:00

End: 2/7/2015 22:00

If you need help finding a VM you can contact us during the maintenance at: 7-7SIG (7-7744).