Venice and the Biennale….

Venice is always magical (except when it is flooded!) and here we are on our first day at St. Marco Square.
The highlight and focus of this excursion were two day-long visits to the amazing Venice Biennale; one of the most important international exhibitions of contemporary art that takes over the city of Venice every two years. This year’s title is “May You Live In Interesting Times”. That we do and the artwork certainly reflects that.
Here we are in front of George Condo’s grotesquely beautiful painting at the arsenale, one of the two main venues of the Biennale. Everything is on a very large scale!
Viewing artwork at the Central Pavilion in the Giardini, the other main venue for the exhibition.
An inside out airplane at the Polish Pavillion.
Some of the most interesting projects, like the Lithuanian Opera were collateral exhibits, scattered around the city.
… and the Icelandic Pavillion.
…and the Glasstress exhibition on the beautiful island of Murano.
..we arrived there on a private boat.
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