Marie Curie-European Inventor

While researching women for my culture site project, I stumbled upon Marie Curie. This French female inventor lived from 1867-1934, and made such a huge impact on the technology of the healthcare industry by discovering radioactive metals Radium & Polonium. Because of her findings, X-ray was advanced further, and is now much more efficient.

Along with discovering these precious metals, she found that by using radiation, tumors can be shrunk. I find this to be extremely incredible, and admirable. Especially considering she was a European women in the 1800’s. She graduated college from┬áSorbonne University in Paris in 1891.

Although I have never experienced France, or any of Europe for that matter, I am much intrigued by this culture, and time period! I cant wait to read more in depth about her impact on technology.


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  1. Patrick Mehr says:

    The biography of Marie Curie by Susan Quinn is now available as an eBook Marie Curie: A Life

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