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  • Blog Post #3: My Biggest Success

    Blog Post #3: My Biggest Success

    Hello and welcome to my third blog post! As the end of our AI focused project nears, I’d like to share reflections on my biggest success and breakthrough. In the early phases of development I set out to learn more about authentication and authorization, so I worked with AI to learn more about various approaches…

  • Blog Post #2: AI & Me

    Blog Post #2: AI & Me

    Hello again and welcome back for my second blog post! I’d like to discuss how we are using artificial intelligence in our project. Our project is focused on using artificial intelligence tools to implement a web app that helps computer science students track their jobs, skills, etc. We ultimately want to better understand these tools’…

  • Blog Post #1: Introduction

    Blog Post #1: Introduction

    It’s been an adventure here at the OSU post-bacc computer science program! I’m excited to share my perspectives and reflections this quarter as I trek through my capstone project, the final stop on my journey. But, before I embark on future blog expeditions, it’s probably important to introduce myself a bit. My name is Scott…