That’s the word from Dr. Anthony Montanaro at Oregon Health & Science University in a story published in the Oregonian:

It’s a miserable time for allergy sufferers in Oregon

There’s no question that the flowering of grasses began earlier this spring season in the Willamette Valley as a result of warm weather conditions and that has led to earlier shedding of pollen in the area’s grass seed fields.  However, there is no evidence at this time to indicate that grass pollen and associated problems for allergy sufferers will be headed to a later ending as the article suggests.  In fact, the dryness of the season and warm temperatures strongly support the notion that the grass pollen season will conclude sooner rather than later this year as the crops are already starting to be harvested now.

The present evidence based on the flowering progress of grass seed crops and conditions in the seed fields suggests an early end to the pollen season, not a later end.

Strong creeping red fescue in flower (T.G. Chastain photo)
Strong creeping red fescue in flower (T.G. Chastain photo)


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