Thomas G. Chastain

Here’s an article just published by our seed production team on nitrogen’s effect on seed yield and other seed production characteristics in yellow mustard.  Trials were conducted on this crop over a 3-year period at OSU’s Hyslop Farm by Alyssa DuVal, a former graduate student and current instructor in the department.  Yellow mustard is a potential seed crop for the high rainfall areas of western Oregon and unlike many other Brassica family crops, there is no threat of crossing of yellow mustard with the region’s vegetable seed crops.

Yellow mustard crop pods prior to harvest. (Photo by T.G. Chastain)

This article was published in Agronomy Journal and can be found at the link below:

Duval, A.S., T.G. Chastain, C.J. Garbacik, and D.J. Wysocki.  2017.  Nitrogen affects seed production characteristics in yellow mustard (Sinapis alba L.).  Agron. J. 109:995-1004.

Key findings of the article:

  • Applied N increased seed and oil yield in yellow mustard in a high rainfall environment.
  • Seeds m–2 was the most influential factor in determining seed yield in yellow mustard.
  • Applied N increased height, biomass, tissue N content, leaf area index, and crop growth rate.
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