Here’s a new article on spring irrigation of tall fescue seed crops published in Field Crops Research.  This work was led by Krista Huettig, a former graduate student and member of my research team.

Krista Heuttig

The study reports several important findings and was the first study to demonstrate that spring irrigation increases seed yield in tall fescue.  Tall fescue seed yield responses to spring irrigation varied among the cultivars tested.  Increased number of seed in tall fescue was most responsible for the seed yield improvement observed with spring irrigation.   Strategic timing of spring irrigation to support seed filling was more important for increasing seed yield than season-long irrigation.

Click on the citation below to go to the article:

Huettig, K.D., T.G. Chastain, C. J. Garbacik, W.C. Young III, and D.J. Wysocki.  2013.  Spring irrigation of tall fescue for seed production.  Field Crops Research  144:297-304.

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