Flower seed production is a small component of the seed production industry in Oregon.  Flower seed crops grown in Oregon include California poppy, black-eyed Susan, larkspur, bachelor buttons, garden yarrow, oxeye daisy, African daisy, blue flax, wild thyme, coreopsis, snow in summer, columbine, and others.  Seed is often blended and used in flower mixes for home gardens, parks, roadside and re-vegetation projects, and golf courses.

California Poppy seed field near Silverton Oregon. (T.G. Chastain photo)

Here is a link to a video courtesy of America’s Heartland and KVIE-TV that illustrates flower seed production activities at Triangle Farms in Oregon:

Special Seeds

This diversified farming operation is located on the eastern edge of the Willamette Valley in the Silverton Hills region.  The flower seed crops provide rotation benefits for grass seed and other crops grown on farms where flowers are a part of the enterprise.

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