Film Frenzy

It’s hard to believe that there are only four weeks remaining in this program. It definitely doesn’t help when there has been so much going on. For this week’s blog post, I want to use the space to update y’all and show you what’s been going on instead of blabbering on. I’ve taken too many pictures to know what to do with, so they’ll likely serve more than words today. I promise this isn’t a cop out, pictures are just better.

To start, here are some of my film pictures from the photography trip a couple weeks ago that I recently got back…

Samuel H. Boardman State Park. Can’t get enough of that place. This specific area is called the (not so) Secret Beach. This is where we saw the bait ball.


Thunder rock cove, featuring some Columbia lilies.


A blur but a beaut. Erik, Justin, and Dustin on the way to catch the sunset at Thunder Rock cove.


Sunset on the other side of Thunder Rock cove.


Port Orford.


And here are some film pictures from the bright and early Fourth of July Bandon trip. On a hike a few days later, I tripped over literally nothing and one of my cameras popped open. I was devastated, because there were only two pictures left, so the entire roll was exposed. That is the risk you must take with film. I really need to learn to not be so emotionally dependent on my pictures turning out because half the fun is realizing you may not get anything. That’s fun, right? Right?

Anyway, somehow most of the roll turned out. I have no idea why. Thank you light gods. Look and these DIVINE leaks:




Some kitchen sink photos…

Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest.


Bastendorff beach.


Finally, Andy visited me from CA this weekend. It was a blast showing him all of my favorite places and eating lots and lots of food. And ice cream. (The rest of these are digital).

Gorgeous and windy hikes with Rowland and Chris at Blacklock Point, the Sixes River, and Cape Blanco, the westernmost point in the contiguous United States besides Cape Alava, WA.


Getting soaked!


More south coast beauty.




That’s all for now. I shall be sending four more rolls to the land of developing later this week. Stay tuned.

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3 thoughts on “Film Frenzy

  1. Your photos are absolutely stunning! I loved going through these and imagining myself in all of these places. I’m so happy that your feet tripping you up didn’t end up impacting your photos too much; they look so cool with the different shades of orange. Looking forward to seeing more of how you see the world!

  2. Such awesome shots! Love that you get to combine your work and passion this summer. Maybe you and Dustin can both make scrapbooks before you leave?!

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