Week 2

So as an extension of last week, my work has consisted of preparing all of our soil samples (250 of them) for particle size analysis (PSA). This technique will tell us the proportion of sand, silt and clay in each of our samples which will give us a better idea of how water moves through the salt marsh. This will give us a lot of valuable information about the Tillamook Marsh sites so it’s necessary, but it has unfortunately been a fairly dull and tedious work schedule this past week. Therefore, I don’t really have much to report on but we will soon be able to analyze our data which will get very interesting.

Other things that we did this past week included going to the aquarium (on world oceans day!) and Cape Perpetua.

You can ask anyone who has spent any sort of time around me, I love jellyfish. So, naturally, I am going to include a wonderful picture.

IMG_0339 (1) Isn’t it awesome?!

We also watched an otter feeding, saw some gigantic crabs and were able to touch some anemones.

On Sunday, we drove down to Cape Perpetua (about a 35 minute drive) which was absolutely beautiful! Here is a view from the top.


We hiked around for a while and saw some cool sites such as Thor’s well. Make sure to check a tide chart before going. During high tide it is supposed to be awesome with water spewing in and out of it. Unfortunately, we were there around mid-tide so it mostly just looked like a hole. Still cool though!

I almost forgot! Finding Dory was awesome. Definitely go see it!

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  1. That is an awesome photo of a jellyfish! Super neat that you got to go visit one of Oregon’s 5 marine reserves – Cape Perpetua. You are definitely taking advantage of your surroundings on the Oregon coast!

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