Exploring the Oregon Coast

This week has been a whirlwind of information at my new job with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife looking at the human dimensions aspect of the marine reserves. I am currently writing this post from my hotel in Garibaldi, a town located a couple hours north of Newport. The graduate student I am working with named Theo and I will be heading up to Garibaldi frequently to do observational and survey research of people using the beach and boats in the reserves at Cape Falcon. My mentor says we’re basically getting paid to hang out on the beach and talk to surfers all day, so not too shabby of a gig I’ve got here right? On the drive up today we stopped at the Tillamook Cheese Factory and sampled some of the delicious cheese they produce.

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We also scoped out the sites that we will be doing these studies at and they were some of the most beautiful places I’ve seen on the Oregon coast. If you ever want to try your hand at surfing then head to Oswald West State Park! There were dozens of surfers in the cove there when we arrived. Overall I am excited to head back to Garibaldi next Monday and begin doing the studies!

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One thought on “Exploring the Oregon Coast

  1. Sounds like a good first week to me- I’m glad you got to see the Tillamook Cheese Factory! Are you going to be able to go surfing with the locals at that park?
    What sorts of questions are you supposed to ask of the surfers?

    P.S. Remember to include your Twitter handle in your posts, and if you want to embed your pictures, you have to use the HTML code.

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