Final Week

I made it back to Michigan safely. It took three days, they were long days of driving.
I left Oregon through the gorge, the same way I arrived.  It was beautiful, as always; I can still see it in my mind’s eye.
From 84 I couldn’t see Bonneville dam but I was told though that the sea lions have already begun to return, as of three weeks ago.  It’s funny for me to think, had I not come to the dam last December I probably never would have come to Hatfield either.
I hope they’re all well, I miss them all already. I also miss the way the ocean smelled sometimes in the morning.
While at Hatfield I learned that being a practicing natural resource manager is a tough job.  I can see how it would suck the life from you over time.  Just like any hard work really, but doesn’t allow for the same rejuvenating connection to nature the way field biology does.  It’s an important job though and I’d like to thank those who do it.
Though I don’t think I will be pursuing a permanent position in outreach, I feel I am better equipped to actively integrate outreach and communication techniques into my research and other future endeavors.  Over the course of my summer I was exposed to three distinct forms of outreach and engagement; policy from Dr. Lubchenco’s speech at di Vinci days, public engagement at the da Vinci Days booth and outreach at the agency.   I was asked if I find myself drawn to one of form over the others and if I had to choose I would have to say public engagement at da Vinci days.  I liked being outside and teaching people, excited to learn new things.


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