Week Six

I cannot believe how quickly my summer here at Hatfield is passing. 

Since June I have distributed dozens of descending devices, I helped conduct interviews with charter boat captains and designed a survey that has been mailed to over 250 recreational anglers here in Oregon.  It’s been busy. 

For the past week or so I have been working on story boards that will eventually become a small video series on the issues surrounding rockfish conservation and how easy it is for all anglers to do their part by using a descending device. 

The “introduction” video describes why canary and yelloweye rockfish are sensitive to fishing pressure and how their bodies are affected by the sudden drop in pressure when they are reeled to the surface.   This video will then link up to “how-to” videos that offer more in depth information on how to operate the different types of descending devices and how by simply returning a fish at depth an angler can greatly increase its chances of long term survival. 

While the scripts are still in review, I have recruited the help of ODFW’s web developer to offer his expertise on formatting and planning the design of the final products so the videos are easy to use by our audience. Also he has offer his time and support all along the production process.  I know his help will be important for the process to go smoothly.  Thank you Bob!

Though, I am very excited that the videos are getting under way, I unfortunately will not be around for the filming and final editing as filming likely will not be able to take place until early September.  I am looking forward to seeing the finished products though and am grateful that I having the opportunity to work as a part of the team on such an important portion of the rockfish conservation project.

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One thought on “Week Six

  1. Wow, developing story boards sounds so artsy. Did you ever expect to use elements of artistic design in your research?

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