This Time For Real… Guided

So now I’m following Eric Dickey on Twitter… my life is not the same. And after a failed attempt at a picture blog last week, This week, I will retain to my phone, and take daily pictures.

Monday, I worked at the VC (still waiting on this dang poster to be put up!). Fixed up one of the deep sea vents exhibits!

I fixed this display with my hands

Later that day, I went practice for my gig at Bombs Away with my VC friends Chris and Becca (Betty joined later on), where we played some music in their awesome basement with their awesome kitten called Cricket.

this is Cricket... the kitten


Tuesday, chasing around the graphic designer, but the poor woman is busier than most humans on this planet! So I did some work with my curriculum experiment, followed by more rehearsal! That night I cooked some spaghetti for the band.

Cajunrican Spaghetti

Wednesday, off at the VC… I woke up a bit late, ate some good breakfast, then played soccer with some Hatfield folk, then went to Toledo to rehearse… then… SHOWTIME! The New Toledo Family Band, composed by Chris, Becca, Ms. Mujica, and myself, rocked out the Bombs Away local until there were no more wet burritos around! Definitely one of the funnest shows I’ve ever played in my life. After the show, we stayed at one of our friends’ house in Corvallis.

Thursday, off at the VC once more, but not really! We woke up really early in Corvallis, and got to Newport at 8:45AM. I then started applying for D.O. school (Doctor of Osteopathy)! It is a long process but I’m definitely excited about it. I can’t believe they asked me for my SAT/ACT scores… I don’t know where to get those. I did go to the VC that afternoon because my POSTERS WERE DONE! Big thanks to Allison Walkingshaw, the graphic designer, for being awesome at this! Ehem… my poster has the FIRST QR code of any exhibit in the VC! Check it, try it with your smartphone!

QR Code to

This is only one of the two posters...

Friday, I worked. My main goal that day was to set up my prototype. It was harder than I thought. I had to move one exhibit in order to set mine up. This is a phenomenon called magical chairs. The exhibit I had to move was a hypoxia exhibit, which had a tank full of water and vegetable oil. Needless to say, I figured out a way to spill it on the floor. My own little oil spill. I had to mop about 5 times before the floor didn’t feel like a Wendy’s behind the counter.

So 6 hours later, I’m still there setting up the exhibit that doesn’t even belong to me! This is what it ended looking like:


Now it was time to set up my posters… With the help of Margaret and Betty, I present to you, my final prototype!

My final posters, all set up.

Saturday, I worked again. I did some assessments of the visitors that are lurking around the poster. In an assessment, you time visitors that look at your exhibit, and when one reads for more than 90 seconds, you interview them (if they want to). I had a few people talk to me, all very impressed with the panels, as well as by the fact that there are sea lions that are endangered (most people didn’t know that)! This is my exhibit from the side:

From the side... I am going to put two LHX tags and a sea lion skull and shoulderblade as attractants!

That afternoon was the HMSC volunteer/staff/intern BBQ at the HMSC director’s house!

A beautiful mansion in the middle of nowhere!

Note that this was a “potluck” event, to which we brought some beer (typical college students… o dang, I’m now a grad). But when we got there, we were shocked to see that there was a Harry Potter-style banquet because all of these older people (who are mostly retired or with jobs), had brought delicious food… Ahh, soo good…

Later on that night, we went to Moby Dick’s to sing karaoke. Here is one of my picks for the night.

by Al Greene

I gave it a shot. I couldn’t quite moan like Al Greene did. But I did damage control afterward with a great performance of Juanes’ “A Dios Le Pido”. You wouldn’t know this song unless you were Latino (which there were a few of us at the bar that night… a dedication to them).

Today, I’m still working. Gave an Estuary tour to a small group of people, which was nice because I didn’t have to scream. And now I’m working on my blog/presentation. Looking forward to doing more visitor assessments and getting a final product of my exhibit in November!

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I am from Puerto Rico, but just graduated in Biological Sciences from the University of Louisiana @ Lafayette (ULL). I am very excited to work at the Hatfield Marine Science Center (HMSC) Visitor Center (VC) for the Summer, giving presentations to people and kids, tours, estuary walks, and whatever else needs to be done!

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  1. I like all the details you included in this week’s post – Congrats on getting your exhibit up! It looks great, and it must be so exciting to have visitors’ input on your work.

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