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We’re online people! No sooner had I finished writing my blog from last week when Bob Swingle uploaded to both YouTube and ODFW’s website my first video: a brief assessment of Redfish Rocks MR/MPA. This was actually the video I made for my advisor Mike for his presentation. I wanted to use it as kind of a ‘test run’. I’m ‘planning’ to complete a more rounded highlight video of Redfish. I’m amazed at how time-consuming it is to sift through video and get it together. Here it is:

My second video took a bit more work. Since I am concentrating in fish biology for my biology major, I’m a bit partial to them, which is why I began with a fish species video from Redfish Rocks. Most of the 15 species in this video are rockfish. Keep in mind that while I managed to find footage for these 15 species, they definitely don’t occur in equal frequencies. I see blue and black rockfish the most with kelp greenling following in third. The yelloweye rockfish clip was especially hard to find. I also plan on making an invertebrate species video and a habitat video by the end of this week. Here’s the fish video:

So what’s on the agenda for this week? Next week is our final symposium for Sea Grant where we will be presenting our projects. I’d like to present a somewhat partial representation of our GoogleMap interface at that time so I’m going to try to get that put together. I’m not sure I’ll complete the Cape Perpetua hypoxia series video by then but I am going to try my best! I am going to be very busy until next weekend. I might be going out on an ROV cruise later this week. I’m a little apprehensive about it because I’m not sure how I’ll fare with the waves, and, I have so much work to do! It sounds exciting though! As a ending note: many thanks to Bob Swingle for his help, input, and time.

I was actually pretty scared of the claws here

This weekend Lauren and I took advantage of two of Oregon’s delicious resources: crabs and blueberries. Friday night Lauren and I headed down to Waldport for a midnight high tide. We set up camp with several other groups of crabbers on the docks. After Lauren gave me a good introduction on how to bait, set up, and throw the traps we were in business. For the first hour or so our traps were getting plenty of crabs – but they usually either too small or female. As time wore on, however, we began to get fewer crabs and larger males. Let me tell you – the anticipation of pulling up a big crab and flipping it over to reveal whether or not it is male or female is intense. Everytime we flipped a legal male I freaked out! Point blank, what a GREAT experience! At the end of the night, tired and damp as we were, we had very happily caught four male dungeness crabs. The next day (after hitting up Newport’s Saturday market – where I purchased some amazingly good salsa and tomatoes) we cooked ’em up!

Saturday evening I accompanied Lauren to a small work party which was super fun because I got to get to talk to some people who I had only previously been introduced. Sunday we went blueberry picking in Corvallis. We had wanted to get rasberries as well but that place was closed. I’m pretty sure I got enough blueberries to make up for it though!
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3 thoughts on “Public Awareness |wk.7|

  1. Sweet! Glad you’re having fun and good luck with finishing all of your work on schedule! I believe in you!

  2. Your enthusiasm about fish biology definitely shows! I’m sure that helps to keep you engaged throughout the process.

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