The writing process

Hello – I totally forgot to blog yesterday! Oh no!

So here goes.

I spent the majority of last week writing both feature stories and student research highlights for the website. I also spent some time adding graphics and making minor changes to the existing content. I also did a lot of emailing to set up meetings with people who will be able to help me out with some things that I do not yet know how to do, but that need to be done.

Last week Jenna and I set up an agenda for the remainder of my internship. This week we will focus on a few things – getting the calendar set up and gathering information on student researchers. Also, some of the preexisting feature stories have some formatting problems which will need some work. So far this week, I have finished adding captions to all of the feature story pictures and I have inserted several videos. I have also checked out links in the feature stories to make sure none of them are broken, and I have worked on crediting all of the media files embedded within these stories.

Today I had a meeting with Sher Fenn of Central Web Services, and she helped me get the Marine Science and the Coast news feed, the Breaking Waves blog, and the calendar and events feed pulled into the website and looking pretty. Tomorrow I have another meeting with Jenna to review what’s been done, and then I plan to spend the rest of the week getting some emails out to people so I can start gathering information on student researchers to highlight. I am also hoping to begin working on an “opportunities” tab where I can list some of the internship opportunities within the marine sciences at OSU (such as this program!).

Unfortunately the kind of work I am doing does not allow for much in the way of pictures, but I can give you the link to the website if you are interested in seeing it (note that it is still under development). Feel free to email me if you are interested and I can send you the link – would rather not post the URL publicly until it’s ready to be published!

Have a good week all!



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About Shealyn Friedrich

Hello! My name is Shealyn, and I am an incoming senior at Willamette University in Salem, OR. I am a Biology major/Spanish minor, and I am interning this summer (2011) with the Oregon Sea Grant at Oregon State University! I am a recreational runner, and I enjoy writing, painting, and exploring! I am looking to go into science education, and I am fascinated with life! Until now I have had a broad background in biology, but have not yet had the chance to explore my interest in marine biology specifically, so I am very excited for what the summer holds in store! My job will be to create a website that advertises the wide variety of opportunities and initiatives that Oregon State offers in the marine sciences in a way that is easily accessible. I look forward to sharing my experiences and progress with all of you!

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