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Fun finds in food history ~ intern report

Cigarettes in books? Not okay!

Cigarettes in books? Not okay!

This past week was a fascinating one. The nutrition tab for the LibGuide was already pretty fleshed out thanks to Anne Bahde, so it was easy to dedicate one day to just formatting it, tinkering with some things, and overall making it polished (and matching the rest of the tabs.) The second full day for my internship, Tiah and I spent the day looking at documents relating to labor here in Oregon, and we found many fun things.

In one of the first boxes that we looked through, it held several old notebooks from the late 1800’s early 1900’s. Inside of one, Tiah actually found an old cigarette butt between the pages! 

We also found some documents about food supplies for community during World War II, as well as potential forms for counties to use to identify their needs. On one of the film reels, it detailed a lot about child labor here in Oregon in 1943-1944, which was really fascinating. 

Minimal information was found (in our brief day of searching) about immigrant or POW labor, but we’re confident it’s out there!