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What’s new on the Pauling Blog? Peter Pauling: Cambridge Struggles, 1954-1956

Peter and Julia Pauling, 1956.

Peter and Julia Pauling, 1956.

[The life of Peter Pauling, Part 6 of 9]

The year 1954 was a tumultuous one for Peter Pauling. For one, Jim Watson had left for Caltech, and Peter lamented that his absence was felt, as he was “a positive force, albeit a bit conceited” when it came to social dynamics in the lab. At the same time, Peter’s sister Linda was preparing to move to Cambridge, where her father hoped that Peter might help her to find lab work assisting with crystal structure determinations. (Linda was quite interested in mathematics.) His sister’s imminent arrival excited in Peter visions of European exploration, and especially of skiing.

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What’s new on the Brewstorian blog? A report on an oral history with Chris Crabb

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June 2nd I had a wonderful chat with Chris Crabb, executive director of the Oregon Brewers Festival and owner of public relations firm Crabbsoup.

In her interview, she discusses her work as public relations manager of multiple beer-related accounts, emphasizing the ways social media has changed her work and the importance—and enjoyment—of her work forging local networks. Having been involved with the Oregon Brewers Festival for more than twenty years, Crabb offers insight regarding the organization and atmosphere of the popular event. She also recounts the cultural climates of Portland and Eugene during her adolescent and collegiate years.

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