January 2015, the month in finding aids.

Last month was a great one for revisiting collections!

Lucy Lewis Scrapbook.

Eight new finding aids were written in January for SCARC collections; this month’s batch includes guides for one new collection acquired in 2014, one maps collection, and 6 collections for which we previously had only minimal information available online.

All are available through the NWDA finding aids database, the SCARC website, and the catalog. As of January 31, 2054 the OSU Special Collections & Archives Research Center had 810 finding aids in NWDA.

New collection received in 2014:

Biddle, Margaret Alden, Scrapbook, 1910-1917 (MSS Biddle):

This scrapbook is comprised of materials assembled by Margaret Biddle during her teenage years in Portland, Oregon between 1910 and 1917 and includes programs, playbills, and newspaper clippings documenting music, dance and theater programs, playbills, and newspaper clippings documenting music, dance and theater performances, film showings, and lectures in Portland; souvenirs from a 1910 cruise to Holland and Norway, the 1914 Pendleton Round-Up, and the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco; and several drawings and photographs.

Maps collection:

Street Surface Maps of Oregon Cities and town, 1939-1942 (MAPS Streets):

This collection consists of 426 detailed maps depicting street surface types, railroads, and locations of structures for more than 200 cities and towns in Oregon.

Collections that previously had minimal information available online:

Lewis, Lucy, Scrapbook, 1914-1915 (MSS Lewis): This scrapbook humorously documents a 12-day hiking excursion taken by Lewis and six companions in 1915 to Mount Jefferson, a peak in Oregon’s Cascade Range. It contains an extensive narrative, a list of previous climbers successful in summiting Mount Jefferson, a full accounting of provisions, a Santiam National Forest brochure, a small ink and watercolor painting, and more than 100 photographs. Lucy Lewis began her career at Oregon Agricultural College in 1911 as an assistant librarian; in 1920 she was appointed College Librarian. She retired in 1944.

Mattson, Joe O., Photograph Collection, 1923-1924 (P 145):

Carlos Steele, a Beaver basketball player who received NCAA All-American honors in 1925. From the Joe O. Mattson Photograph Collection.

The Mattson Photograph Collections consists of 38 photographs taken and assembled by Mattson that document student life at Oregon Agricultural College in the mid-1920s.  Detailed descriptions of the photographs and recollections of the events depicted in them were provided in a letter written by Mattson that accompanied the photographs. Mattson attended Oregon Agricultural College from the fall of 1923 through the fall of 1925.

Oregon Agricultural College Voluntary Observers’ Meteorological Records, 1889-1940 (MSS Meteorology):

These records are comprised of weather observation data collected on the Oregon Agricultural College (OAC) campus between 1889 and 1940 on behalf of the U.S. Weather Bureau. Included are daily temperature, precipitation, wind direction, evaporation, and wind speed values as well as notes on other meteorological phenomena.

Oregon State Yank Newsletters, 1943-1945 (PUB 010-15c):

These newsletters (8 total) were edited and published by two Oregon State College graduates for Oregon State alumni in military service during World War II.  All the issues are available online at http://oregondigital.org/sets/oregon-state-yank/.

Parcher, Phillip, Photograph Album, 1915 (P 143):

This album consists of duplicate prints of photographs taken by Parcher during the summer of 1915, while he was attending Oregon Agricultural College Summer Session. The images depict campus buildings and view and other local scenes. Parcher earned a degree in Industrial Arts from Oregon Agricultural College in 1919.

Taylor, Armond C., Photograph Collection, 1916 (P 139):

This small collection of 21 photographic postcards includes images of various buildings and campus views at Oregon Agricultural College. Taylor attended Oregon Agricultural College in 1913-1917 and earned a degree in forestry in 1917.

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