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A bit late… New finding aids from October & November

Looking for a winter break research project? You might just find inspiration here.

The following is a list of 12 finding aids for SCARC collections that were completed or revised during October and November 2014. All are available through the NWDA finding aids database as well as on the SCARC website. MARC records for these collections are not available through the OSU Libraries’ Catalog, Summit Navigator, and Worldcat — yet.  Creation of MARC records has been placed on hold during the migration to the new library catalog and discovery system.

This month’s batch includes guides for 5 “new” collections that were received in 2013 or 2014, one maps collection, and 3 collections for which we previously had only minimal information available online. In addition, three guides were revised during October and November to reflect additions to the collections and incorporate links to materials that are now available online.  As of November 30, 2014 the OSU Special Collections & Archives Research Center had 795 finding aids in NWDA.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the preparation and review of these new guides – this work is definitely a group endeavor!

New collections received in 2013 or 2014:

Cooley, Roy M., Photograph Album, 1907-1911 (P 302)

This photograph album consists of postcard prints assembled by Cooley during his student years at Oregon Agricultural College (OAC).  Cooley attended OAC in 1909-1911.


Crop Science Club Records, 1965-1991 (MSS CropClub)

These records document the membership, programs, and activities of the Crop Science Club at Oregon State University.  The Crop Science Club was established at Oregon State in 1955.  The collection includes 58 photographs.

Norris, Marie, Collection, 1974-2004 (MSS Norris)

The Norris Collection documents Norris’ life and work as a Native American activist, storyteller, and historian and consists of materials created by Norris and assembled by Roger Weaver.  Marie Norris pursued a life of active service to her Klamath community until her death in 1981.  Roger Weaver met Norris in 1974 and was inspired by her to develop a course on Native American literature at Oregon State University, where he was a faculty member in English from 1962 until his retirement in 1996. The collection includes one audiocassette.

Political Identities Project Records, 2010-2011 (RG 256)

These materials document the preparation of sound recordings of student papers prepared for a class assignment on personal political statements.  The Political Identities Project was a joint effort of the Associated Students of Oregon State University (ASOSU) and the Division of Student Affairs.  The records consist primarily of born-digital electronic records.

Rockwell, Theodore, Papers, 1915-2013 (MSS Rockwell)

The Rockwell Papers document the life and career of Ted Rockwell, a member of the Manhattan Project, technical director for the U.S. Navy’s nuclear propulsion initiative under Admiral H.G. Rickover, and co-founder of engineering firm MPR Associates, Inc. and nuclear advocacy group Radiation, Science, and Health, Inc.  The collection also documents Rockwell’s interest in parapsychology and includes extensive research materials on consciousness studies, telekinesis, dowsing, extraterrestrials, and other phenomena.  The papers include photographs, microfiche, sound recordings, and born-digital materials.  A detailed list of the contents of the collection is part of this guide.

Maps collections:

Corvallis and Benton County, Oregon, Maps, 1859-1991 (MAPS Corvallis)

This collection consists of 236 maps depicting Corvallis and Benton County, including road and street maps, land use and comprehensive planning maps, and plans for city parks.  The maps depict roads, parks, schools, public buildings, and natural features.  The maps were prepared by numerous organizations and individuals.  An item-level list of the maps is included with this guide.

Collections that previously had minimal information available online:

Corvallis, Oregon, Photograph Collection, 1902-1964 (P 051)

These photographs (about 50 total) document Corvallis and vicinity in the early and middle 20th century.  A variety of formats are represented in the collection, including panoramic prints, nitrate negatives, hand-tinted prints, and large mounted mural-size prints.  The photographs were assembled from a variety of sources.  An item-level list of the images is part of this guide.

Price, Frederick Earl, Photograph Collection, 1965 (P 073)

This collection consists of photographs of the retirement dinner for Price and includes images of Price’s family and Oregon State University administrators.  Frederick Earl Price was a faculty member at Oregon State and served as Dean of Agriculture and Director of the Agricultural Experiment Station and Extension Service from 1950 until his retirement in 1965.  A detailed list of the 33 images in the collection is included in this guide.

Smith, Clifford L., Photograph Collection, 1916-1919 (P 037)

This small collection of 33 photographs was assembled by Smith and document student life at Oregon Agricultural College in the late 1910s.  Smith earned a BS from Oregon State in 1929 and joined the faculty in the early 1940s.

Updated finding aids:

Engineering, College of, Moving Images, circa 1980 – 1996 (FV P 069)

This collection consists of 2 videotapes and a motion picture film documenting the academic programs of the College and the Multiple Engineering Cooperative Program (MECOP). They also include footage of College of Engineering faculty and students and are available online through links within the finding aid.

Hatfield Marine Science Center Videotapes, 1968-1998 (FV P 254)

These 12 videotapes document the research activities and public programs of the Hatfield Marine Science Center.  Oregon State University established the Marine Science Center in Newport, Oregon, in 1954 as a marine laboratory.  All of the videotapes are available online via links in the finding aid.

United States Forest Service Video Workshop Videotapes, 1988-1989 (FV P 264)

These videotapes (6 total) were generated as part of Forest Service workshops held at Oregon State University.  The productions were intended for a general audience and address reforestation, debris burning, log exports, logging careers, and tree diseases and pests.  All of the videotapes are available online via links in the finding aid.