Back in time — what was it like in 2003?

These three women, all residents of the Oxford House Co-op, put together a small box of things they thought captured the spirit of the year.

We haven’t done much research on these three, but we do have a nice collection of materials in the Oxford House Records (1966-2014) that helps to tell the the story. You can learn more about other houses here too, because we have the records of several cooperative houses including the Dixon Lodge, the Maple Manor Cooperative House, and the Azalea House. 

We also know that this small box was found in a wall as they remodeled the building after the co-ops closed in June 2014, and then it ended up here with us last month to be labelled, described, and seen!

The box was certainly a snapshot of pop culture in the early 2000s, and you can see what was inside by scrolling down the post, but it also came with a 2 page letter from the three contributors. I’ve scanned the first page, but it’s a teaser because you’ll have to come in to read the whole thing.

After we’ve met their 22 year-old selves we learn more about their activities and life at Oxford House. For example:

We are also reminded of some high points for pop culture.

In addition to the above collage, there’s an US Weekly issue from April 2003 and a Barometer issue from June 6, 2003.

There are also three Bazooka Joe wrappers, which accessioning archivist Karl M has heard had meaning beyond being wrappers with comics…

So I ask you readers some simple questions. What would you put in a time capsule? What reflects the lives you live today and what would the things you collect show people 11 years from now? And because archivists love to document change over time, how have things changed on campus since 2003?

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