Daily Archives: April 5, 2013

Friday Feature: a records review field trip

This week I took a trip to look at some records, but not the kind I would normally look at…

But the kind I might actually listen to…

A “Record Album” record

The U of O Library had a “Discover Music Sale and Music Services Intro” on April 3-4. Since I live with an audiophile and avid LP collector, we were there bright and early to explore stacks of thousands of de-accessioned vintage 78 rpm records, hundreds of vinyl albums, scores, sheet music, and books.

“Library record sale”

The range of music was incredible, from foreign language sets to adventures in reading records, square dancing to Shakespeare, jazz gems to “background music.”

Although I’m not an avid LP collector, I am avid picture taker. So I spent some time photographing some of my own favorite record album covers, which you’ll find in a delightfully colorful set on Flickr, with gems such as those you see below.