Daily Archives: November 12, 2012

Welcome to the West: the Roland Holmes Postcard Collection

Sometimes you need a little Technicolor fun!

Enjoy our latest Flickr set “Welcome to the West: the Roland Holmes Postcard Collection,” which is a marvelous sampling from the Roland G. Holmes Collection of Oregon and Washington Postcards. Full of wonderful photographic and picture postcards, as well as photographic prints of Oregon and Washington scenes, about a third of the photographs in the collection show scenes of the Columbia River Gorge and Columbia River Highway, including waterfalls, Vista House, highway viewpoints, and Beacon Rock.

Images of many other notable Oregon and Washington landmarks are part of the collection, including Mount Hood, Mount Rainier, and Three Sisters; Silver Creek Falls; Crater Lake; the Pacific Coast in Oregon and Washington; and the cities of Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington. And, note to yourself, most of the images of the Columbia River Gorge and Highway were taken by Ralph I. Gifford.

The postcards and photographic prints were sent to Roland Holmes’ father, Sylvester, by Fred Stump, a member of Sylvester’s wife’s family, who assembled the postcards while living in Oregon (Beaverton). The collection was later given to Roland by his father.

Learn more about the collection and Holmes!