Friday Feature: the day we drilled a hole in the floor

Anticipating a flood of new and excited researchers this fall, all clamoring to see our new merged public service point on the 5th floor, we decided we needed to do some remodeling. Namely, we needed to turn the 2 big tables in our reading room into 4 smaller tables. However, since the big tables were fixed to the beautiful bamboo floor and plugged into inconvenient sockets we had to do some drilling.

Okay, so truth be told we didn’t actually drill the hole, but the nice folks at Facilities Services came by on Wednesday to cut the floor and drill through the concrete slab that separates floor 4 from floor 5! And, another truth to be told, they drilled four holes!

In any case, soon we’ll move the big tables out, smaller tables in, and will be set to receive all sorts of new researchers — and accommodate those who don’t want to have to share a table.

Want to see more? Take a peek at our Flickr set.

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