Firebase, a Game Changer

How to handle data persistence in our apps is an unavoidable topic for discussion in any project. Our team initially decided on having a typical backend server that communicates with a database. We thought of using a Python/Flask to interact with a NoSQL database such as MongoDB or Google Datastore. However, after some research, I… Continue reading Firebase, a Game Changer

Expo vs React Native CLI

For my final project, our team decided to use React Native for the development of our mobile application. While we were working on learning React Native, a question came up regarding whether to use Expo CLI and React Native CLI. To help the team reach a decision, I decided to do some research. From my… Continue reading Expo vs React Native CLI


This is my last quarter at OSU, and just like most of my peers, I am taking CS 467. Unlike the other courses in the program, this class entails working on one single group project for the entire quarter. When we were asked to choose one of the existing projects to work on, one particular… Continue reading Languages

Job Hunting Journey

I recently accepted an offer for a software engineer full time position at my dream company to start in May 2022. This job hunting journey was by no means easy and I am extremely glad it is finally over. My goal has always been to work for a tech company that can impact healthcare, but throughout the application process, I still… Continue reading Job Hunting Journey

From MD to SWE

What a journey it has been! From realizing that practicing medicine was not what I envisioned myself doing for the rest of my life to getting a software engineer job offer from my dream company in San Francisco last month. To be honest, I still feel like it has not really sunk in yet. Having… Continue reading From MD to SWE