This is my last quarter at OSU, and just like most of my peers, I am taking CS 467. Unlike the other courses in the program, this class entails working on one single group project for the entire quarter. When we were asked to choose one of the existing projects to work on, one particular project rapidly caught my attention:  Crowd-sourced Immersive Language Learning App.

Learning languages has been a part of me since I can remember. Being born and raised in Argentina while living in a Taiwanese household and attending a bilingual Spanish/Japanese elementary school exposed me to different cultures early on. Despite my initial struggles to find my identity and the community to which I truly belonged to in my younger years, it reached a point where the boundaries between different cultures had begun to blur in my mind. I started to appreciate and was fascinated by the language and rich culture defining each community. I enjoyed living among different peoples, immersing myself in their diverse traditions and beliefs, and becoming part of their cultures. Instead of trying to belong to a single community, I began to embrace each as part of my own complex identity. Throughout these years, I have traveled to different countries, experiencing the customs and lifestyles of their people, and also acquired fluency in Spanish, Mandarin, Taiwanese, Japanese, and English. 

I cannot be happier that my final project in my OSU journey will be making a mobile application to help users learn languages. As eyes are the window to the soul, languages are the window into cultures. I would like the users to experience the joy of learning languages as I do. I have found a great team to work with and I am looking forward to building something I can be proud of.

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