Job Application Experiences

As an applicant pursuing a job during the global pandemic, things were very different than what I had previously experienced with in person interviews. I had the opportunity to interview with a commercial real estate company based out of Portland while I was in Utah. The major difference with this meeting I felt was that the interviews seemed less formal than they would have been if I was in attendance in the office. I was still wearing a suit and tie, things were just different.

My interview was conducted via Webex meetings with the hiring manager of the office. We conducted the interview the same way that we would have normally done things had they been in person. He gave me a long rundown of the company and exactly what I’d do for them. He also went into detail about my responsibilities with the firm. My first thought was that the job was going to be intense and hard work. But this made me want it even more just because of the potential that comes with the job.

Moving forward with the interview, he asked me a series of get to know you questions such as where I’m from, my major, what I like to do, and why I was interested in the firm. From there the interview took a more informal turn as the discussion led to topics unrelated to the company or commercial real estate. 

After the interview, my view of the company was great. We followed up with a short interview that resulted in an offer from the company. It made me excited to start working for the firm and getting the ball rolling with my career. Overall, this was one of the more positive and fun experiences I’ve had in professional interviews.

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