Job Descriptions

The job I worked at last was Miller Lumber located in Bend, Oregon. Their website job description, to become a lumber yard personnel, is as follows, “For Driver applicants, a CDL license is desired but not absolutely necessary, and a good driving record is required.  This position is customer-oriented, and employees must be able and… Continue reading Job Descriptions

Experiences with Discrimination

Unfortunately in today’s world, conflicting opinions among individuals and statements made create havoc among relationships worldwide. A company accused of widespread discrimination against a certain group of individuals is a deal breaker for many whether or not they continue to support them. Outstanding claims such as discrimination of something that I was apart of or… Continue reading Experiences with Discrimination

Job Application Experiences

As an applicant pursuing a job during the global pandemic, things were very different than what I had previously experienced with in person interviews. I had the opportunity to interview with a commercial real estate company based out of Portland while I was in Utah. The major difference with this meeting I felt was that… Continue reading Job Application Experiences