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I think a perfect situation to think about is Hispanics in Engineering when it comes to engaging a set of behaviors to deny or leave a job, especially women in engineering. This past weekend I was very lucky to attend the SHPE NILA President Summit in Orlando Florida and I attended a workshop called “The Growing Relevance of the Hispanic Community”. In this workshop I learned that the workforce if the future will have an increase Hispanic identify. I was able to learn that on the workforce African American and Hispanic women are paid the least in the workforce, on top of that we have white women as the second to last to get paid the least. With this information I was able to learn that women must make the sacrifice to have kids and have a family but must accept a low offer job in order to accomplish those and someone women decided to not take the offer and look somewhere else. I think the compensation and benefits have a huge factor to why women decide to denied a job because of the low pay and lack of benefits they are offered.

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