Job Interviews

Recently I was interviewed for my summer job at iD Tech where I was applied to be a tech instructor to students ages 10 to 16. The interview was a little different from ones I have had before. I was told before my interview to make a 10-minute lesson plan and pretend that the person who was interviewing me was a student and I had to teach them. I would’ve considered this a job knowledge interview that was made to help the interviewer determine if I was a good fit for the position. The reason this job interviews stuck out to me was because the last time I applied to be an instructor, I had an unstructured interview where I met with students and saw if they liked me for an instructor. I ended up getting both jobs when I applied for them, but I just wanted to show how I had 2 different interviews when I applied for similar positions.

The most effective interview for me was when I was told to make a lecture. It gave the interviewer an opportunity to see what I am capable of doing and showed
content validity. I would go back to the interviewers who gave me an unstructured interview and advise them give applicants a job-knowledge and then a meeting with the students that would be taught. The reason I suggest this to ensure that the person is qualified for the job and in this case be a good teacher. I think I would be very important for interviews to see if potential candidates can perform the job before checking for the “chemistry”.

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