About RT-130

RT-130 is the Wildland Firefighter Annual Refresher. If you hold a “red card” from any agency or entity that complies with National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG) standards you are required to complete RT-130 once each calendar year in order for your certifications and qualifications to remain current. There may be additional requirements, such as serving in the role or roles for which you have qualified, but RT-130 is the consistent, basic requirement.

OSU’s College of Forestry offers RT-130 as a service to students and employees who wish to maintain their wildland firefighting qualifications and would otherwise not have convenient access to this training. Our course focuses on topics anticipated to be most relevant to wildland and prescribed fire research, teaching, outreach, and collaboration.

NOTE: If you intend to work as a wildland firefighter during any portion of this calendar year, as an employee of an agency or contractor, we STRONGLY encourage you to take your RT-130 from them. That will be the best way to ensure you’re up to date on your employer’s safety protocols, policies, and expectations – and that you are forming essential working relationships with your fire teammates. That said, if your anticipated employer says it’s okay to take RT-130 from OSU, we’ll be happy include you.

The College of Forestry RT-130 includes about 5 hours of instruction, which may be offered in person or in a hybrid format, coupled with a fire shelter deployment exercise and a work capacity test. Some pre-work may be required. You need to complete all components to receive your certificate of complete and updated “red card.” See Dates and Details for upcoming class opportunities.

You must register for these RT-130 opportunities. See Dates and Details for registration info.

Not seeing a class that meetings your scheduling needs? Drop me an email and I may be able to add sessions or point you to an alternative.

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