Prep Work for the 2020 Season

Last you heard from me, I was indecisive over whether I would return for another season of fire. To put you all at ease, I have been rehired and am going back for another season. I even got a pay increase as an incentive! I was supposed to be taking additional training classes this week to open a task book (more responsibilities), but the novel coronavirus canceled the classes.

This is an interesting time that we are in, and the preparation that is put into the fire season is also being impacted by the virus.

Around this time last year I started attending a CrossFit gym to physically prepare for the physicality this job requires. This year, circumstances are a little different since the gym is closed, and I have little workout equipment at my residence. I do have alternative ways to prepare, although I am nervous that without the structure I will not be as ready.

I am most looking forward to deepening the relations with my coworkers this year. I think that part of the reason as to why my first year was so difficult was a.) a good portion of my coworkers are older and are in different stages in their lives and b.) I didn’t have a rapport built up yet requiring me to build relationships with my immediate crew members and then 40 others who I would occasionally work with. So, returning to build and strengthen upon those relationships excites me.

I also am excited to be able to run a chainsaw again. There is an exhilarating and sobering experience that comes with the power of running a saw. Cutting down shit is fun.

Swearing is also something I look forward to. Due to being in a classroom setting for a while, my diction is edited to be more academically professional. While in the field though, swearing is a therapeutic way to relieve stress and built-up emotions.

Hopefully I can stay more consistent with blog posts although this season is looking to be busier than last so we shall see.

As always… Only you can prevent human-caused wildfires.