Speak Up

Hi folks,

I have been quite busy with work this last week, and I have struggled to find time to write an update. I am writing this post since this thought process I have developed has been nagging me and has been on my mind recently. A valuable lesson that I have been trying to focus on in these last few weeks of work has been to actively be involved in communication.

During my time working for Northwest Youth Corps as well as Idaho Conservation Corps, I learned some valuable lessons about hard work and discovering my character. Something that I lacked though was the encouragement to ask questions. I ingrained a mentality of, “Do what you are told, and don’t ask questions” during my time spent with the Conservation Corps. While this is good to some degree, I think in the long term I am seeing detrimental effects of this habit that I have built up.

My supervisor keeps trying to get me to speak up when I have something to say and to ask questions when I have them. Both of these are hard for me since I feel that there are these unstated societal rules and judgments that come along with speaking out. I think this also can be said as my experience as a female in a male-dominated environment has come at a cost of me trying to find my voice.

I am actively trying to recognize when I have an idea, question, or suggestion that comes to mind that I verbalize and communicate what I am thinking. This is not only beneficial for my job in that it can reduce risk and potential hazards, but also to the broader scheme of how I compose myself and building confidence in my uncertainty.

Over and out,