Blog Post #3: Successes

I think over the course of this quarter and this course I have learned so much about not only working with technologies but also how to successfully communicate with group members. Working in group projects is one of those things that always stresses me out a little bit but this quarter the methods that our team used to work together I think helped us be not only successful but also have good communication with one another. In our weekly meetings, we were really able to discuss any issues that might have popped up throughout the week and we were able to work out solutions as a group. We also communicate over Basecamp throughout the week to make sure to keep others updated if we are having any big issues. Overall this quarter helped prove to me that when you communicate well group projects can be really cool and working with people helps you get exposed to ideas that you may not have thought of on your own.

That being said I also learned so much about different technologies. When we first started working on the project I found myself very lost and confused. I had very little experience with the technologies that the project recommended we use such as Librosa. Librosa is something I got a lot of experience with since I worked on building a custom data set and creating spectrograms for the dataset. At the beginning of the quarter, I also knew very little about creating a model and training it but I have learned so much from working on this project and I think that information could be very helpful for future projects or in my career.

As far as a SWOT analysis of this course, I really liked the way it was set up overall. I think working with groups is a strength of this course for the reasons that I mentioned in the first paragraph. I also liked the way we were selected for projects it allowed us to make sure we got a project we were at least somewhat interested in pursuing. I think the main weaknesses come from this being a quarter-long course. I wish there was more time to build on to our project but since we are so limited in time it feels like there’s not enough time to necessarily do everything you want to do with the project. That being said there is not much I think could be done to make this course better besides making it multiple courses but that is something that would be very difficult for a plethora of reasons. I also don’t believe any serious threats could affect the quality of the course. I think the course has a reasonable quality given the constraints time wise. I think this course is well done and gives the students opportunities to learn about new technologies and how to cohesively work in a group.

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