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Who should I be as a new manager?

  October 7th, 2023

What kind of manager should I be if I had 50 employees: what about a hundred? As a manager I would want to use my authority to make sure that at the end of the day the job is completed to the best of my ability. I would also want to focus on building a community or family with the people that worked under my supervision.

I admire companies such as the cheesecake Factory for the constant importance they put on the “people” who work at their restaurants. At the end of the day, they realize that people and families are affected by decisions they make. They rely on the Cheesecake Factory to make good decisions, and in return their employees know that the Cheesecake factory cares about them deeply.

I admire the work JM Family Enterprizes has done to increase benefits and create longlisting associates. JM Family Enterprizes has a fantastic employee benefit program that is like a magnet for great candidates that want to work in the business. This allows JM Family Enterprizes to acquire fantastic employees who love their jobs and what they get to do.

Kronos Incorporated is doing something right too. They not only have a plethora of employees that they count and depend on, but they help 35,000 customers manage their own workforces. More than half of the fortune 1000 companies use the ideas and way of thinking that Kronos incorporated has mastered. Kronos focusses on balance in life. Not only do they care about the work being done, but they also care about the time and life their employees live outside of work. They believe that if their employees are fulfilled outside the workplace that then they will be even more engaged other aspect of their life such as work.

Ruling with an iron fist is not how managers need to do their job. I want to further examine and employ all the different managing ideas and focuses on my own future of management. I need to be Strick and lenient. Harsh but justified. Tough but caring. Most of all I need to be able to create an environment where individuals and teams can flourish to be the best that they can be. Managing can be done all sorts of ways and work great. I need to find my own way to manage at a high level. I think that the most challenging part will be to figure out how I can do it best, because everyone is different in their approach to greatness.

What do I do for the next three months?

  November 26th, 2023

Last year’s pursuit of a summer internship unfolded not as I had hoped. The decision-making process was full of complexities of weighing enticing opportunities against the practicality of moving to a new city for just a couple months. As I perused internship offers from various companies, each promising unique learning experiences that would surely help me in my future, I couldn’t shake the thought of what I would get paid. The city where the companies were headquartered played a role in my choice.

However, the reality was somewhat disheartening. The compensation offered by the prospective employers didn’t seem to align with the money I needed to make the move worth it, leaving me in a financial quandary. It wasn’t merely about earning a paycheck. It was about my own future.

Faced with these financial differences, I made a conscious choice to pass up the opportunities the internships would have given me in favor of maintaining financial stability. I stuck with my regular summer job. My job had a reliable income source that let me meet my financial commitments without having to uproot my life for what seemed like an insufficient compensation package.

As this summer looms on the horizon, I once again find myself at a crossroads, gearing up for the pursuit of the ideal internship. Equipped with insights gained from the past year, I approach the search with renewed determination. The experiences from the previous year have solidified my understanding of the significance of fair compensation—not just as a financial reward but as a testament to the value placed on interns’ contributions.

This time around, I’m ready to embrace the journey with enthusiasm, seeing each step as an opportunity for fun and learning. The lessons from last year have become a guide, shaping my approach to finding the perfect internship that aligns with both passion and the recognition interns deserve. The adventure continues, and I’m excited to see where this summer’s experiences will lead me.

Hello world!

  October 7th, 2023

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