Hello there.

  • Blog Post #4

    Usually I try to trouble shoot why it’s occurring, utilize google or stack overflow to find a solution or similar situation.

  • Blog Post #3

    The journey so far has been very interesting. The use of ChatGPT to fuel our project has been very exciting at times, but can also be frustrating.

  • Blog Post #2

    In this project, we will be building a Software Programming Quiz website using ChatGPT and documenting our journey in a research report, to provide insights to users who are interested in using ChatGPT for their own projects.

  • Blog Post #1

    Welcome to my blog. Heres answers to some questions. Why did you choose to go into Computer Science? I chose to go into Computer Science because I wanted to shift to a career that reflects the future. I feel like the entire world has been going online, and I want to be part of the…

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