Week 3 – Blog Post: Job Descriptions 

Personally, for my last job I was not initially applying for this specific position. The position I applied for was a cashier, but I was hired on as an order fulfillment associate. When applying to be a cashier the job description did not really influence my decision to apply. At the time of applying I was just sending in applications to multiple places because I needed a job. The cashier position was a basic description of processing checkout transactions while also monitoring the self-checkout. It also was talked about to help customers with product information and following company procedures. Since I did not get hired for this position, my job description was definitely different. For the job I was hired for, which was order fulfillment associate, it was described as being responsible for retrieving products from the shelves and having it ready for the customers who ordered online in the proper area. This job description does match what you do, but not to the full extent. Besides having to have in store pickup or curbside orders ready, having delivery and will call orders ready was also a part of the job. In my time doing this we also had to make sure any special orders that arrived at the store for customers were processed correctly. So it was similar, but definitely not everything that was expected of you. 

Order Fulfillment Associate (OFA) job description:

OFAs are primarily responsible for retrieving product from the shelves and setting it aside for customers who have ordered online in a designated area

Cashier job description:

They process Checkout and/or Return transactions, as well as monitor and maintain the Self-Checkout area. They proactively seek product/project knowledge to provide customers with information and identify selling opportunities. They follow all policies and procedures to ensure that shrink is minimized.

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