Mobile Invention Camps Challenge The Dalles’ Youth

Precollege Program’s “Mobile Invention Camps” Challenge The Dalles’ Youth

The Dalles had their first invention camp hosted by OSU. The camps are designed to challenge students to overcome obstacles and become better at critical thinking. The camps also offer a hands-on STEM experience to rural communities throughout Oregon. A lot of the activities done at these camps (duct tape wallets, solar powered cars, and chemical powered cars) are designed with failure in mind to help students better adjust to failure and find new pathways to success.

Another focus of these camps is to let OSU students interact with K-12 students and help them get an idea about what sort of options they have when approaching higher education. For a lot of K-12 students the camps are their first experience interacting with University representatives and it’s important that these interactions clear the air of any misconceptions the students may have about college.

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Mobile STEM Camps Reach Students in Boardman, Oregon.

The North Marrow Times Writes About Precollege Program’s Mobile STEM Camps

The North Marrow Times is the local newspaper for Boardman, Oregon. Boardman is a town about 250 miles away from Oregon State University’s campus. It’s located on the river that acts as a border between Washington and Oregon. From July 26th-27th OSU offered one of their Mobile STEM Camps through Procollege Programs, in Boardman.

The camp ran two days and was aimed towards 6th-8th graders. Activities included making solar powered cars, building earthquake proof structures, and making water purification filtration devices. The camp was ran by four OSU students who also were able to answer questions about what college life is like.

Mobile STEM Camps’ focus is to provide meaningful, hands-on, STEM experiences to underserved children and rural communities across Oregon. Being able to impact 22 students in a rural community like Boardman, Oregon is a wonderful example of the STEM camps working to achieve their goal.

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