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Eating a good meal is very important, but luckily here on the R/V Langseth we have a team of top cooks. They always have a lot of ideas to share with us, with cuisine from America to Asia, and everywhere in between. There are always several choices between different dishes just in case you do not like one (so spicy !!). And never forget the delicious dessert!

The meals are always ready on time, at the same time, every day. It’s the superb moments around these meal times that get everyone out of work to talk and laugh. Sometimes these are the only moments of the day that we see the people who work in different parts of the boat than us. Truly, these moments of sharing and socializing are really important for everyone!! Even if you miss a meal or find yourself hungry for snack, there is always something to eat so you’ll never die of hunger 😀 – the salad bar, sandwiches, leftovers from meals and sweets (yummy cakes and cookies!)



I knew as I left France that my biggest problem was figuring out how I will spend 2 months at sea without candy or chips. It was a real concern for me, so I made sure to buy some candy for myself before leaving (but only one box) :D. Luckily, soon after the boat departed, I was surprised with more and more candy every day – all thanks to Tom, who truly thought about everyone when it came to sweets. During our shifts we eagerly wait for Tom to know what surprise he will have for us that day :D. Even when we work on deck he never forgets and always comes with candy or chocolate for everyone. This is not something he does for himself – he is always giving away more candy than he eats himself. Tom, we really appreciate you <3

But we also cannot forget Todd! It is impossible for 4am to pass without seeing Todd sit before his computer with the best pistachios in front of him, sharing them with everyone. Todd has more pistachios in his suitcase than clothes 😀 He prefers the peppered ones, but I prefer the salt. This makes sharing no problem for us!


– Sara Hussni-Alhisni, November 2016


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