Here is a belated introduction to the science party for MGL1610. We have each contributed to the various entries throughout this journey. Although there are only a few days left in the PICTURES expedition, better late than never…

Anne Tréhu (chief scientist, PI) – Oregon State University (go Beavers!) geophysics professor, our fearless PICTURES leader.

Emilio Vera (co-chief) – Universidad de Chile professor, who is often found enjoying the breeze on back deck and always eager to talk about the exploratory processing he is working on.

Michael Riedel (co-chief) – The “German-Canadian” research scientist from GEOMAR in Kiel is somehow always making me laugh despite the long hours of work and rarely getting to see the light of day.

Kathy Davenport (postdoc) –A native of Tennessee who arrived only recently at Oregon State from Virginia Tech, she is a graphic designer turned geophysicist badass who will nicely answer even your dumbest questions.

Felipe Gonzalez Rojas (graduate student) – Coming with Emilio from Universidad de Chile and starting his PhD in the coming year, he is always working his magic in SeismicUnix and available to help with OBS recoveries.

Florian Petersen (graduate student) – aka “FloMaster,” also from GEOMAR, our acclaimed geodesist who gives up hours of sleep to check on SUZI, recover his beloved OBS, or play an aggressive card game.

Carsten Lehmann (graduate student) – Carsten is also working with GEOMAR from WWU Muenster, the youngest and lankiest student on the boat and a constant source of mischief and entertainment.

Jan Handel (graduate student) –From the Free University of Berlin, he is fueled by chocolate ice cream, constantly helping on the gun deck, the OBS deck, in the seismic lab, and even trying to catch us some fish!

Sara Alhisni (graduate student) – A PhD student at GeoAzur on the French Riviera, she is often found dressed in pink, eating candy and sunning with me on the bow.

Emma Myers (graduate student) – A Seattle local from the University of Washington and the author of this post, who everyone jokes is excited about everything (even at 4 am), especially if physical activity or food is involved.

We will be spending a lot of time analyzing these data once we get home, but none of this would have been possible without the technical staff, who build and operate the instruments and develop the software that make the data possible, and the PSOs, who make sure we respect the rights of the locals.

Scripps OBS dudes: Ernie, Mark and Josh

R/V Marcus Langseth/LDEO technical wizards: Robert, Alan, Dave, Gilles, Todd, Tom, Josh and Roberto

PSOs (aka. Wonderful Whale-Watching Women): Cassi, Yessica, Sharon, Karla, Brooke

And Captain Mark and the crew of the R/V Marcus Langseth.

We’ve loved sharing our experience with you but are all very excited to get home and share more stories in person with our loved ones!
of the locals.whowearephoto-copy


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