Chapter Highlights

We’re Back with LDS 2022!

New blog layout, new content, new events, and new school year? Who is this chapter?

Welcome to a new school year, a new blog post, and a freshly remodeled PDC Beta Iota webpage! Did you even recognize our blog before the big makeover? It’s hard to believe how a new layout to kick back up a nearly forgotten archive can make something old into something that’s practically brand new! The goals for this newly revamped blog is to be a place for resources for incoming and current Brothers; reflection on events throughout the years; and an archive to store memories of our Chapter’s growth throughout each of the years. And to start that growth is with a new look and a new post for the new school year!

Some notable changes you might want to check out is each of our newly updated tabs and our brand new Beta Iota Events Calendar! As requested by many from feedback over the past years, a Google Calendar hosted events calendar has finally been made to help Brothers keep track of all the things we have planned throughout the year! It will be updated accordingly as events are planned. Content that can be found on the calendar include when and where meetings (both formal and officer meetings), socials, committee events, and even PDC or OSU related events are (Portland events included)! If you’re feeling nostalgic, another tab you may also want to check out is our updated Gallery that dates back to as early as 2016-17. Wow!

In addition to the blog, follow our other SMS platforms if you haven’t already, like our Instagram, to stay engaged with our Chapter on quick updates and even some fun interactive stories!

Before we dive into a new year though, it’s only right that we reflect on the past achievements and efforts we’ve given in the previous school year that helped us become the Chapter we are today. The year of 2021-22 was the first year where we started to finally step away from our screens to meet the pixelated friends and colleagues we’ve finally been wanting to meet in-person after restrictions from COVID-19 have started to relax. Alas, the wait was over and events were made, bonds were created, and memories to last a lifetime were meant to be cherished as it was all documented through our annual publication. View our 2021-2022 Beta Iotian to review all of our highlights throughout the year!

To help guide us into the new and upcoming school year, a quick shoutout to our 2022-23 Worthy Officers that are already set on planning to bring new events and achieve more goals to PDC Beta Iota Chapter. Including our officers, with the help of also our committee leaders, we are excited to bring it to its fullest potential since the return of in-person accommodations for this year! Congratulations and we can’t wait to see what you will help our Chapter achieve!

This summer, we also had two of our Brothers help represent our Chapter for the Pacific Region at PDC’s 18th Leadership Development Seminar (LDS) that was held in Arlington, TX. Our WCC Alena Arounpradith and WKF Karen Zhang spent their July flying down south to learn tools, resources and insightful wisdom from professional leaders who’ve had years of experience as well as valuable stories to share.

From L-R: Brother Alena Arounpradith, almuni Amy Valdez, Grand Poobah Ryan Sayoran, & Brother Karen Zhang at LDS 2022!

A schedule that was packed full with Brothers from all across the country and leaders that have been through different moments of achievement and grit – it was a conference that held opportunity, room for growth, and a chance for connections to be made. We are happy to have our two Brothers take advantage of this amazing opportunity! 

When asked for some words of reflection on this life-changing experience, here’s some insight of what it’s like to attend LDS for those who may be interested in attending the next one:

“The cherished memories I made at LDS left me with a greater understanding of what brotherhood truly means in PDC. In the upcoming school year, I hope that I will be able to use leadership skills that I have learned at LDS and implement them to make our chapter more successful for years to come.”

– Alena Arounpradith, WCC ’22-23

We can’t wait for what you and the rest of our Brothers have in store for us this upcoming school year!