Most Important Thing I’ve Learned

There is a lot of great information I learned in this class. Throughout the weeks I was able to see the breakdown of what it takes to recruit a new employee. The role the recruiter takes and what type of employees they are typically hiring the most. The most interesting topic was the type of test they do in interviews prior to hiring a candidate and the styles of interviews there are. For example, the personality testing was a very interesting concept I learned a lot from. The Big Five model or personality traits were a pretty easy concept for me to remember and make a good understanding from. I learned that this theory is the most dominant test used today. When I took this test for the activity, I was confirmed that I am an extrovert person. I knew what that meant because I often heard it from many previous employers I’ve worked for. They would always compliment that I got along well with others and was easy for me to work as a group. A new term I learned and never heard of before was Neuroticims. These types of people have the tendency to be emotional, insecure and jealous. I didn’t think this trait would be under the Big Five model. Going into the type of styles of interviews being done in organizations was also very interesting to learn. So far in my experience I’ve only had a one to one interview. I’ve heard from other friends that they experienced doing a group interview. From their experience and stated in the lectures it was hard for the applicant to show who they really are. It was hard because they had to make sure that when it got to their turn, they answered the question in a unique response because they wanted to stand out from the rest.  I also learned the importance of having a structure because that will allow you to not miss anything when it comes to interviewing your next employee.


1. What am I good at?

I am good at being productive, creative and self motivator. I’m good at these things right now because its what I am currently always working on. I have to admit I was once never good at these things. I still have improvements to make but I always find myself correcting and bettering myself to being productive, creative and self-motivator.

2. What do I value?

I value everyone who have shown support for me in school. That includes my family, friends, mentors, and professors. I know that these individuals want the best for me and would like to see me reach my goals. I value them because at times I feel like giving up but they show me support and help to get back up and finish what I’ve started.

3. How did I get here?

Where I am today is with the support of my family. I am a first generation which made it hard for me to be able to attend college. I didn’t think I would be able to graduate in a four year university. It was a long journey but with the love and support I got from people who believed in me, I am here today close to getting my degree. I’m thankful to have them because I don’t think I would have made the decision of attending Oregon State University.

4. Where am I going?

As summer gets closer, I plan on working during the summer. Once I get back to school in fall and finish my last classes in order to graduate, I plan on getting a job in a field that I know will beneficial for my life goal. Starting a family construction business. I plan on getting enough experience before I start building that dream and once I feel prepare and money saved I will begin that goal of mine.

IPIP Results & Reactions

The overall results in the IPIP test stated that I am an extroverted person, is agreeable, conscientious, neuroticism, and open to experience. I do agree with a couple of these personalities and a couple of them are new to me. The one that stood out to me out of my results was the neuroticism. It says that people that score high on this section are people who respond to emotionally to events or either experiencing feelings. One of those examples were anxiety and I have to say that it surprised me to realize that it impacts my personality drastically even if just occurs rarely.

I think that my results from this personality test would affect potentially employees positively and negatively. I do have a couple characteristics that I know employees look at in a workplace. For example, being an extroverted, I would enjoy working with others. This will be looked good in the workplace because this will tell employees that I would get along with the team and work hard to reach the organizations goal. Under this category my second highest score were in gregariousness and friendliness. I agree with the results because that who I am and enjoy doing. I love to make friends and working with others because that helps me think about new ideas or hear what others have say.  Another personality that would look good for potential employees is having an agreeableness personality. I’ve score high on trust and modesty under this section which looks good as an employee. I also agree with these results because from my past work experience I’ve gained the trust from my bosses which resulted in being promoted into a higher position. On the other hand, the one downside of this result was the neuroticism personality.  I score high on the self-consciousness which means I am sensitive to what another think of me. It true in a way that I sometimes take critiques, but I know that some people say it to make me a better person or to not make the same mistakes.

Overall, the results from this test were interesting to look at and learn more about what they mean. I do think that my personality might change throughout the years because I know that as I grow older, I become more mature and learn from experiences. This could result to new personality traits.

Typical vs. Maximal Performance

As a business owner, I want my business to succeed, and to achieve that I would have to have great employees that believe in what my business mission and serve customers with the best quality services. If I had to choose between Avery and Jaime, I would select Jaime. The reason why I would choose him is because I know that he will serve the customer great and solve any problem. Having a business will mean that our focus is serving the customers and knowing Jaime’s will give me a good performance as his job requires, I know that our customers will be satisfied.

The type of job Avery is most suitable for would be a job that has different duties. It’s not always the same performance he has to do every day, there is always something different to do and isn’t as repetitive. It seems like Avery has a high performance but sometimes is a slacker and that could be that if he is give a new responsibility, he will give it his best. This will challenge Avery to give it his best performance and continue to create new ideas.

As for Jaime, the most suitable job would be working under pressure and doing repetitive responsibilities most of the day. He would be a great fit for a job that only looks for a person to perform and deliver the same message that business would want customers to get from the. This could be like working for an Insurance company, caller operators or receptionist.  

Personal ad

As I pursue my degree in business administrative and management at Oregon State University, I have become a dependent individual that works hard to get the job done.  I do everything with the best of my ability and at times I go my way to get the help the business successes. I love working with a team because that brings new ideas and helps me understand others perspective. If there ever comes a time where someone needs help, I will take my time to contribute a little. I am organized, on time and responsible. My goal in life is to have my own family business, so I believe that working with a business like yours I will gain the experience and learn how to keep it successful like this business.

What I would do to present myself to future employees would be by handing out my cards that has information to contact me and share my LinkedIn link in which they could easily find more about my experience. I also would carry with myself a couple resumes just in case they wanted to learn more about what I worked in and currently working on. I think these tools are a great way to present yourself for employee because for many business individuals already working for a company, they are given business card to give to the customers. This not only helps the employee present themselves and hopefully be known by many, but this shows customers that the business does take thing serious and professional with their customers concerns. So far, I’ve only promoted my self with my resume but as I get closer to graduating and start looking for a job. The best way would be to make my cards and hand them out to expand the word of mouth of the individual I am.

Job Description

The last time I had a job, the job description did influence me to apply for the position they were hiring. What stood out to me was that you did not required experience in the position they were hiring for which was great because I didn’t have. I did have qualify for other descriptions they were looking for an employee. Such as being able to handle money, lift 50lb, help customers find what they need and working under pressure. These were a couple of characteristics that I qualified and to be honest I wasn’t sure I was going to get the job because I had a little bit of experience in those things as well. I’ve had customer services experience in my last two previous jobs and could lift on average 50lb.  On the other hand, I was a little nervous because I had no experience with cashiering and how it worked. I knew that I would handle the money and could easily distribute it back. This is where my math experience fit in and I knew that it wouldn’t be hard for me. What scared me was learning how to use a cash register without messing up the system. What kept my hopes up was the statement in the description job that they did not require previous experience. I wish the job description was still available because it was short and straight to the point. Unlike other descriptions which are usually a page long, this one just described what the duties for the position were and how to apply for the position step by step.

Experiences with Discrimination

If I heard that one of my dream companies to work for faced a public lawsuit because they were accused of discrimination against individuals from an ethnicity or culture associated with me, it would crush my hopes that I could even work with them. My feelings would change the way I feel towards the company because if they claim they are diverse company, why would they still let these types of discrimination to happen. If the companies claim to say that they don’t discriminate any candidate and are open to everyone, they would have never let this happen in the first place. If they take actions in fixing this problem with the individual it could impact my decision in continuing supporting the company. That would tell me that the companies still stand by with that they claim and admits their error they did towards discriminating. This would also impact the decision in whether to apply to work with this company because if I see a re-occurrence with the same incident of discrimination, it would make me feel that I wouldn’t have any chances to even be part of the company. Now a days, discrimination should not occur in the any business because every individual no matter their ethnicity, culture or belief system could be a big asset in the business because not only are they a diverse business but could expand their business worldwide. No matter how hard we try to eliminate discrimination, it will continue to happen but if we all see it happen, we need to step in and stop it. As little as you might think this is, this is a great start in preventing it to continue.

Patty’s 2nd blog

As a business student, I come to understand that marketing should be the focus in a business. It makes sense that we want to promote the business and have people become more familiar with the business. Adverting on the business is always done by every business, little or small, because that is how we spread the word of the company. I understand that organizations allocate more resources towards marketing because if we aren’t known and have a good publicity, they won’t grow. The famous super bowl half time, we see many commercials being played and even if they last 30 seconds and spend millions of dollars to air it, those products are seen by millions of people around the country even in the world. I think that organizations spend more money in marketing then employee recruitment and selection because even if the promotion of the product or services isn’t delivered well or the best, you will still attract customers and be known. On the other hand, recruitment and selecting should also be prioritized because its important to understand the person you are going to hire because it could result to losing money and spending double than what you anticipated. This could also cause problems within the organization with current employee and create another problem to the organization to focus on. A strength of an organization deciding not to prioritize recruitment and selecting could be that they don’t have to spend more money in focusing on hiring the right candidate. It could be a little risky making this decision because it might not be a problem right now in the organization but could be in the long run.

Patty’s 1st Blog

The last time I applied for a job and got it, the process was very long. The first step I did was apply for the opening positioning online by a third-party website. Then I was contacted by the job and was sent another application to apply for under their website. After submitting my application, I was also sent another website in which they gave me scenarios and see what best multiple choice I would select. This would determine how interacted with customer and the critical thinking I would make under pressured. After two weeks, I was contacted for an in-person interview. The interview wasn’t that bad, they asked question regarding my work history, education and work availability. The next two days they contacted me saying I got the job and would need to do a couple more paper works. Finally, after starting the job the first week, I remember they still made me do a couple more paper works. This was a little annoying but after finishing all of them I understood what the reason was for filling so much paperwork. The job application process shaped my impression of the job in a positive view. I felt that the job was well organized and wanted to make sure every employee received the benefits they qualified for. Every time I was given a paperwork, I was explained by my supervisor what they meant and if I had any questions to not hesitate to ask. This made me feel good and grew trust for the company. They always encouraged me to read what my benefits were and use them if needed. They were also supper consisted in checking up on me during the process of the application and even after I started working there. This made me stay with the job if I could because I felt noticed and appreciated.