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  • Timely Teaching Tips: Weeks 7 and 8 – Student Support Strategies

    By Emma Larkins, OSU Center for Teaching and Learning Resources to support students’ physical, mental and academic well-being  We are moving into the final weeks of the term. Students are busy at work on assignments, quizzes and exams, and group projects in anticipation of finals week. Take steps to help students manage their stress levels […]

  • Timely Teaching Tips: Weeks 3 and 4 – Highlighting the Academic Success Center

    By Emma Larkins, Center for Teaching and Learning The Academic Success Center offers a range of resources to support the work of faculty and to bolster students’ learning. Making your students aware of these resources at this point in the term could be instrumental to their success. In addition to the robust online resources available […]

  • Trauma-Informed College Teaching

    About the author: Jocelyn Kerr (she/they) provides advocacy support for OSU Ecampus students as the Ecampus SARC Advocate and Outreach Coordinator. After receiving a BA in Theatre Arts from the University of Oregon, Jocelyn worked in the wellness industry as a massage therapist, yoga and meditation teacher, and managed studios in New York City and […]

  • Supporting Students’ Finals Prep

    By Marjorie Coffey, Asst. Director, Academic Success Center & Writing Center (ASC &WC) Last spring, I shared ways instructors could encourage and support students as they finished up their first term of remote learning. The most recent OSU Remote Learning Experience Student Survey tells us that remote learning still presents significant challenges for students, even […]

  • Supporting Your Fall Term Students

    Times of transition and change can be overwhelming. We know the entire OSU community is experiencing some form of change right now, and that students in particular may be feeling overwhelmed as they anticipate fall term. We also know that students trust the advice and resources they hear about from you. This puts you in a unique position to support students throughout the term. As you prepare for fall, I’d like to highlight one way you […]

  • Encouraging and Supporting Students to Finish Spring Term

    by Marjorie Coffey, Assistant Director, OSU Academic Success Center All Academic Success Center (ASC) programs and services have been available remotely in spring. Through our program interactions and through OSU’s recent Remote Learning Experience Survey—completed by over 2900 undergraduate students—we’ve learned a lot about student experiences this term. I’d like to share some of those […]

  • A Memo to Students on Punching through the Pandemic

    Dear Students, Confused by remote learning? Uncertain? Anxious? Worried? Stressed? Unclear what next week will bring? For many of us faculty, the answer to all these is yes. I am guessing that many of you are experiencing this as well. We are all in this together. Your faculty and schools have your back. Here are […]

  • Creating Equitable & Culturally Inclusive Environments

    by: Lauren Alva, Instructor (ESL) Tuesday Teaching + Tech Talks: Week 2 – Creating Equitable & Culturally Inclusive Environments by Jane Waite – Creating Space for Everyone: Equitable Teaching and Learning Environments. Imagine a group of students standing at the top of a sand dune. They’re lined up side by side, some with their arms […]

  • RAP ON: What’s All the Kahoot! About?

    About the author: Sydney Tran is a Health Psychology PhD student studying the effects of objectification on women’s well-being. She is passionate about equity, diversity, and inclusivity in improving mental health and well-being. This is part of our series of Research Advancing Pedagogy (RAP) blogs, designed to share the latest pedagogical research from across the disciplines […]

  • Strategies for Handling Student Absences

    Our primary goal is to ensure students learn what we intend.  It is true that when students miss a class, particularly one that is activity based, it is not possible to “make up” the experience.  Still, there are legitimate reasons why students may need to be absent: death in the family, illness, sports and arts […]